Slightly Elevated

by Since 1902

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Commemoratively titled, Slightly Elevated attempts to recreate the essence of Fancy Dress Day. The moment, as fleeting as it may have been, is crystalized forever through these 14 sumptuous tracks.

"Since 1902 brings verve to its listeners and followers!" - Nan Enoch (Grandmother of band member Justin Enoch)

"10/10! Quenches my thirst every time!" - Marco Rubio

Since 1902 is

Justin Enoch
Robert Don
Caleb Hill
Nathaniel Endicott
Pete Holohan


released January 8, 2013

Trumpets on tracks 1, 3, 5, 10, 12, 14 by Rob Endicott

Saxophone on tracks 1, 12 by Emma Silver

Trombone on tracks 6, 10 by Jerol Enoch

Free form jazz explosion on track 9 by Jerol Enoch
"blowing it out the what what"

Additional vocals on "You Never Know" by Emma Rehfeld

All songs recorded at Breezeway Studios by Justin Enoch and Robert Don except for tracks 1 and 6 recorded at Sawhorse Studios by Jason McEntire

Mixed by Justin Enoch with help from Ryan Lewis on tracks 1 and 6

Mastered by Justin Enoch

Produced by Justin Enoch and Robert Don

All songs written by Justin Enoch and Since 1902




Since 1902 Saint Louis


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Track Name: Our Front Yard
I don't get mad
I just wait a little more

the pain hurts (yeah)
but it don't last that long

winter rolls round
im clearing out the fog

I'm strung out
lying in my front yard

there's no truth
to what you said last night

that cut like a knife

don't use words
they don't mean that much

there's nothing
you can say to us
Track Name: Looper Jam
standing on the runway
temporary time, man

sugar in my cup of tea
water in my other hand

surrounded by the jungle
living through life humble

is it just a dream
or should I buy my plot of land?

Standing on the runway
temporary time, man

water breaking up the sky
water breaking up the land

love should be a simple thing

well, if you're looking for some
then put your guns up

but if you're looking for a
peaceful thoroughfare
then put your guns up

mom and pop have got it right
but they'll mess your head up

too much loving for a son
who's trying hard to grow up

nighttime has a strange way
of focusing my brain waves

on subjects that I'd rather not
focus on or deal with
Track Name: Sailing Rivers
I could've sworn I was alone except for critters
olden days and olden ways held the sunlight to my face
I felt guided by the saints and by the angels
even if I followed I would never find a more heavenly place

boy why don't you sit up
and listen to what I have to say

I said son don't drown, like I did
problems came down on my head
I've been sailing these rivers

boy why don't you give up
I've kept my head above the rest for some time now
boy why don't you sit up
and listen to what I have to say
Track Name: All Used Up
I walked into the room as a rich man
blew my cool, and the floor fell like quick sand
couldn't eat, couldn't sleep, couldn't
in this sea your friend is a life raft

Im not helpless
I just can't help it

they love you till you're all used up
then they leave you for dead
Track Name: Fighting The Storm
today I wake up
on your sandy beaches
your warm smile
grits my skin

a sideways glance to the left
I must be dreaming
if you never ask
then you'll never learn

I almost had you
I almost tried

im losing my mind
help me
to decide

carry my tide
help me
to decide
you know why
Track Name: You Never Know
when the sun takes flight
and all the barriers come down
and you know it's right
but you're accustomed to the night

you know
you never
you never
you never

in the moonswept light
you're done sleeping but you're tired
reality strikes
you've been dreaming this whole time

you never know
Track Name: Shoom
welcome aboard your rescue boat
we're getting out of here
to a place where
people are sane
cause the future's looking weird

if that's my fate
and it is my fate
then I hate it

he didn't know

welcome aboard
this is your home
(your knew life's getting nearer)

it's a place where
children are raised
(without the fear of growing old and stale)

gather up all your stuff
it better be good enough

we're in a year of disaster
my heart's living and I asked her

are you excited enough
are you excited or what

he didn't know
Track Name: Hiding Out
I wake up just to get out of bed
did I tell you that I miss you so?
with nothing to do and nowhere to go
we're all gonna sit at home

this is the time I love so much
it saves me from the dark
but this room seems so bare now
with darkness still anonymous
Track Name: harmony/heights
it's been so long since we saw you last
you looked so tired, so furious
living in our hearts and minds, you won't be lost
we won't forget your life im sure you trust

it's sure to be so beautiful there
the clouds are white as they stroke your hair
your daughter misses you so very much
as she cries as she cries as she cries as she cries as she cries as she cries

why'd you have to go?
Track Name: Dye
you have kept me wondering
cause once you're alive, you never die

it's my living history
I'd rather sleep, I'd just rather cry

show me round the mystery
of how one so cold can come back to life

read me one of your stories
I'd love it

sail out once again
I have lost my way to gauge
Track Name: Breathing UB
please put a header on your letter cause we don't know who wrote it
maybe your mother wrote our brother cause she knows she's been in trouble for so long

she says:
someone help me
I need some help

she's known to toss and turn uncovering the secrets under the covers
at night she sometimes roams and talks of things like her dead dog

maybe she's got a clue and we're all missing out on something grand

I hope so
for my sake and yours

I hope so